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Exciting News – Parcel2Go launches mobile site!

I’d truly be lost without my iPhone – listening to music, checking the news, weather and sports on the move has become the core of my very being! It’s become second nature to me to go on the internet when … Continue reading

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5 Essential Tips to spot fake reviews online

I don’t know about you but I hardly ever buy things these days without going on the internet to check out which retailer is offering the best price. And before clicking on the checkout button, it’s likely that that I’ll … Continue reading

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Got something to sell but can’t be bothered with the hassle of sending parcels abroad or in the UK?

Wrapping and posting – not the most enjoyable of jobs. I certainly know what I’m like when it comes to completing a task that in truth I can’t be bothered with – I’m an expert at procrastination! Clearing the ever-expanding … Continue reading

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The Only Way is Online..

Sorry for the cheesy take on the BAFTA-award winning show The Only Way is Essex but E-tailers can finally breathe a sigh of relief, it seems they may have seen the last of the recession. The latest e-commerce report from … Continue reading

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Turn your school textbooks into cash at Amazon!

It’s that time of year again and schools all over the UK are preparing to break up for the summer holidays. Six weeks off – Teachers, I envy you. It’s a joyous time for those who have a nice long … Continue reading

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Left your wallet at home? Who needs cash anyway…

Well, apparently none of us will. At least no one living in America anyway. I was reading a report today on how PayPal believes that by 2015, people in the US will have no need for physical wallets to keep … Continue reading

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Brain Overload? eBay makes life just a little bit easier…

When it comes to being organised, my friends (and definitely my husband!) would admit that I’m probably never going to win any prizes. I’m a big eBay fan but trying to stay organised with auctions and completed listings can sometimes … Continue reading

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How Eco-friendly are you? Going Green…

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Parcel2Go blog.  I’m really excited to be writing my first ever blog post, and although I struggled to pin down just one thing I wanted to talk about, I finally managed to get my … Continue reading

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