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Your phone, your computer, your tablet and now your TV…Apple may very soon invade your living room too

If the rumours are to be believed, we may very well soon see a completely new line in Apple products, with the company entering the TV market and launching Apple TV in late 2012. In the recently published biography of … Continue reading

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Six fool-proof ways to optimise your website for mobile

Following on from yesterday’s post about optimising your website for mobile in time for Christmas, I thought I would gather together some of the best ways to optimise your website so that people can easily browse it on their mobile. … Continue reading

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Optimize your online shop for mobile or miss out this Christmas!

How many of you can confidently say you have made your website “mobile friendly”? This may have been way down your list of priorities for selling your goods online, but mobile shopping has dramatically increased due to the growth of … Continue reading

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Is this the beginning of the end for Apple’s iPad?

In the olden days, how long could a king reign before he was beheaded by an enemy wanting to take his place? Some of you may have wondered the same thing about Apple’s iPad. How long can Apple hold the … Continue reading

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It seems everybody is different after all – Understanding your customers inside out…

As everyone knows, understanding your target market is essential to being successful at selling online. Especially if you wish to sell internationally. It is important for e-tailers to note that consumer behaviours online differ vastly around the world, and with … Continue reading

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Why is eBay not so confident about the festive season?

eBay came out last night and said it expects to have an “ok to solid” holiday season. So it seems we can’t start cracking open the champagne just yet! Media reports, which followed the telephone conference eBay’s chief executive John … Continue reading

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Get your hands on these hottest apps – P2G’s Top 5 free apps

Smartphones – oh all of the things you can do with them! It is a market that is growing rapidly, especially for Apple, which according to figures from research firm Gartner, saw sales of its iPhone models grow by 125 … Continue reading

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eBay Powerseller Miriam’s Shipping Tips

Becoming an eBay powerseller has meant over the years I have made quite a few shipping mistakes, and learning from them to become the best seller I can be, whilst delivering excellent service to encourage more sales. As a result, … Continue reading

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Love receiving your daily deals email? Fancy receiving free offers?

I’m not sure whether you are one of the million people who use daily deal sites such as Groupon, but perhaps this news will make you consider LivingSocial – an international website for mobile and online daily local deals. LivingSocial … Continue reading

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It’s World War 4! Samsung V Apple …Samsung gets sweet revenge

As bitter rivals as Capulet and Montague in Romeo and Juliet, Samsung and Apple are at it again. However this time, it’s Samsung who are firing the shotgun. Samsung are attempting to stop sales of Apple’s latest model, the iPhone … Continue reading

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