2012 looks like a great year… We welcome iPad 3 with open arms

iPad 3 coming soonIt seems that Apple is following its tradition of launching its prestigious tablets in spring, with the iPad 3 rumoured to be coming out in March/April.

The original iPad was released in April, and the iPad 2 made its appearance in March, and although there had been previous rumours of the iPad 3 being released in February, it now looks set to be unveiled in spring.

Sources within Apple’s supply chain initiate iPad 3 buzz

The rumours have been sparked off by Apple’s supply chain and component manufacturers gearing up for an upcoming release, as reported by DigiTimes, whilst the supply chain scales down deliveries of parts for the iPad 2.

Despite analysts at Citi saying the iPad 3 can be expected to arrive in February, DigiTimes, which has sources within Apple’s Asian supply chain, reports that the next generation iPad will be “available in three to four months”, implying March or April.

Speculation surrounded a suspected February launch, with suggestions that the launch of the iPad 3 would coincide with what would have been Steve Job’s birthday on the 24th February.

I think this would have been a good time to release the iPad 3, as a tribute to Jobs, yet it may be too soon after Christmas for Apple, as they may want to get as much mileage as possible out of the iPad 2 before releasing the next generation tablet.

The iPad 2 is expected to be in great demand this Christmas with Apple ordering 14 to 15 million units, but for the next quarter, iPad 2 production is going to drop to four or five million units, no doubt due to the impending release of the iPad 3.

iPad 3  core features

So now that we know that the iPad 3 is definitely coming to us soon, what can we expect to see from the next generation iPad?

Here are the rumoured specs:

  • Slightly thicker than the iPad2
  • High-resolution retina display screen
  • Based on new technology from Sharp
  • Larger screen – 2048 x 1536 display
  • Higher resolution apps
  • Larger capacity battery
  • LTE support
  • SD card slot
  • Camera flash
  • Wireless synchronization capability

Just looking at all those specs gets me excited!

I will be tempted to sell my iPad 2, and buy the iPad 3 if it looks like a big improvement that’s for sure.

Are you going to consider buying the iPad 3 when it gets released?

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