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Oops I did it again…How Facebook can make you wish the ground would swallow you up

It’s simple really. You see something on Facebook or Twitter which makes you react, so you type out a response quickly and press send without even thinking about it. Then later on, you may see your post and think *CRINGE*. … Continue reading

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Losing your mind? Blame Google…

Have you ever sent yourself crazy trying to remember something? Or perhaps you have just gone online and searched via Google. There’s nothing simpler these days than finding out what you want. If you don’t know the answer, you can … Continue reading

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Why mobile matters…

Boxing Day 2011 has been named the UK’s biggest ever online shopping day; yet we all heard the reports of retailers flagging behind with lower than expected sales. So what has caused this rapid increase in e-commerce? A new report … Continue reading

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Desperate to impress this Valentine’s Day?

Whatever you may think of Valentine’s Day, you can’t deny that every woman likes to feel special. They may say they don’t care for such silliness, but regardless of whether you think it’s a big deal or not, making your … Continue reading

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Surly Samsung takes swipe at Apple with new TV ad

The ongoing war between Samsung and Apple has been reignited once again. Samsung has released a US television ad mocking Apple’s iPhone 4S and its avid fans by showing just how much better the Galaxy S2 is. The ad shows … Continue reading

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Six terrible things you can do on eBay…

With my various eBay advice posts and blogging about the new breed of eBay millionaires, I decided it’s about time that I helped you out a little bit more, and advised you what not to do on eBay. If you … Continue reading

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Seven tips to ensure your business is a success

Everyone knows the saying; all good things come to those who wait. And when it comes to business, specifically a successful business, this saying couldn’t be more fitting. Setting up and running your own business can be scary, difficult and … Continue reading

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What’s your verdict on NFC? PayPal ain’t so sure…

With modern technology revolutionising the way we communicate, it makes sense that technology will also change the way we bank. Enter NFC. Near-Field-Communication is a system which allows you to use your smartphone to pay your way, and complete transactions … Continue reading

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Apple aims higher in the face of criticism

Some of Apple’s most popular devices are made by manufacturers based in Asia, so with doubts over how workers are treated, Apple has published a list of all its suppliers for the very first time. The public now has access … Continue reading

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Is unreliable broadband the reason you’re not seeing mobile sales?

With news that eBay and its payment service PayPal’s mobile business growing so rapidly that it has become impossible to predict future figures, have you been left wondering where your business is going wrong? Last year, PayPal had to constantly … Continue reading

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