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Apple’s response to direct threats to its precious Siri

With the news that a Cambridge based technology company has created a better, more capable version of Apple’s Siri, which is currently available in Apple’s app store, Apple have threatened to pull the plug and delete the company’s app, named … Continue reading

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Mobile apps can be a huge asset to your business but they can also be a huge risk

If your business has not yet created a mobile app, then you are likely to be missing out on a big opportunity to build greater brand awareness and potentially increase sales (although mobile apps may not be relevant for every … Continue reading

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The one thing we can all learn from Groupon: We are all sheep!

If there’s one thing that we can learn from daily deals websites like Groupon (aside from the fact that Brits can’t resist a bargain), it’s that human beings are heavily influenced by others. In other words, we’re all sheep. Now, … Continue reading

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A huge turnaround from the tech giants of the 21st Century

Following on from my previous blog post, in which it was revealed that your iPhone, iPad and even your iPod is stealing from you, news has emerged that the privacy of mobile app users will now be better protected under … Continue reading

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Why owning an iPhone will mean you spend more money online

Out of all the technology devices out there, it may not surprise you that Apple’s iPad and high demand iPhone dominate mobile online shopping in the UK. However, it’s important to put this news in perspective, considering only 4 percent … Continue reading

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6 simple ways to ensure your laptop is healthy and happy…and stays that way!

Hands up who can live without their laptop? I know I sure cant! And if you have ever been so unfortunate for your laptop to break down at the most crucial moment, then I feel your pain. So, here are … Continue reading

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Online shopping about to become a true driving force

Online retail is set to drive half the UK’s parcel deliveries during the pre-Christmas peak within five years. Recent research discovered that e-commerce firms sent significantly more packages during November and December last year – an impressive 15 per cent … Continue reading

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Your iPhone, iPad & even your iPod is stealing from you, which Steve Jobs declared “despicable”

Steve Jobs always had a strong view on privacy. This is clear to see in the video which was recorded at the D8 Conference in 2010, where he makes it known how much he disapproved of companies like Google or Facebook … Continue reading

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Thumbs up or thumbs down – is this really the way Groupon will survive?

In response to the severe backlash against its service, with accusations that Groupon is bad for businesses, the popular yet tarnished daily deals provider is preparing a revamped version of its website. Groupon has been working on improving its website’s … Continue reading

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The least desirable products online ever!

We all know how popular online clothes shopping is, but did you ever wonder what the least popular items are for shopping online? YouGov recently polled over 2,000 British consumers and discovered that furniture, groceries and beauty products are the … Continue reading

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