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5 Tips for online shopping during the Olympics

Now the Olympic and Paralympic Games have began, many London based companies will be affected when it comes to parcel deliveries. Despite this, IMRG anticipate a rise in online shopping during the Olympics because more people will be at home, … Continue reading

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7 best ways to follow the Olympics 2012 online

If you are anything as excited as I am about the Olympics, then you will be gutted that you will be missing some of it whilst you are at work. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make … Continue reading

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How to choose the ultimate Ultrabook that suits you

The human race is never satisfied with what is available. We always want something better, something bigger. When only desktop computers were available, people thought about making a computer they could carry with them. Enter Laptops. Then even those were … Continue reading

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Is Apple’s shine fading? Revenue is dropping…

Perhaps time has come for the revered and elite tech brand, Apple, to dust off its shoes and wave goodbye to its crown as King of tech devices. Because it now seems that consumers have become savvy, and realised that … Continue reading

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Why you should wait to get a smartphone

I don’t mean to put a spanner in the works, but if you are the hunt for a new smartphone then it’s best to wait a couple of months. There are so many good smartphones to choose from that you … Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons why App’s fail – leaving you high and dry

It can be frustrating when things don’t go our way, especially when it comes to mobile devices, like the recent 02 disaster many people had to endure. You may have little sympathy for the companies who are to blame when … Continue reading

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Warning: Apple has removed the app which tells you who has passed on your sensitive data

If you are in the know when it comes to privacy concerns and apps, then you will likely have had Bitdefender’s ’Clueful’ Privacy App downloaded onto your iPhone. This useful app provided many users with information about which apps are leaking sensitive … Continue reading

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Why you can’t afford to ignore m-commerce

You are likely already aware of the opportunities mobiles can bring for your business, but now it has been revealed just how important mobile is for growing your company. According to an IMRG Capgemini report, sales via smartphones and tablets … Continue reading

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Can a colour really influence you to spend more?

Do you know what makes you bid for something on eBay? Are you aware of what makes you spend more money? Apparently it is now being claimed that red backgrounds influences eBay shoppers to place higher bids. The Journal of Consumer … Continue reading

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Five Smart Hi-Tech gadgets for your home that will improve your life

1. The Scales that follow you online So, you thought you were safe when you left the bathroom? These clever scales from FitBit sends data wirelessly to your own personal online account (free at using a Wi-Fi connection, so … Continue reading

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