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Can you guess what day of the week is the best to shop online?

Traditionally, Sunday has been viewed as the best day for online shopping. However, it has now been revealed that Tuesday is actually the best day of the week if you want to grab a bargain. Thursday is the second best … Continue reading

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7 no brainer things your website should offer

It goes without saying that having an impressive website is what you need to get one over your competitors. However, there are many websites out there that don’t even offer the most basic of functions – which can really make … Continue reading

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Amazon gives its UK customers even more…Hello Daily Deals

Amazon has launched its own daily deals website in the UK, starting with London. Every morning, AmazonLocal will email location-based offers to users, and reward points to those who use an Amazon credit card. Entering the already crowded market, Amazon … Continue reading

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BEWARE: Facebook scam which looks like a notification

We wanted to warn all of our lovely readers about a Facebook scam that is currently doing the rounds. If you receive an email from Facebook which says that a friend has tagged you in a new picture, be very … Continue reading

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Taking 4G on the road – Creating A Real Information Super Highway

Ever wondered what the benefits of 4G really are? One of the ways that the new 4G wireless networks promise to aid the average commuter is that they are set to make the provision of public networks easier, especially in … Continue reading

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Have you seen the new iPhone 5 yet?

  A screen manufacturer has fuelled even more speculation about the new Apple handset this week, as they announced that they had entered mass production for a new thinner screen design. The new screen is also thought to be larger, … Continue reading

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At last! The end is nigh for Samsung and Apple

The long running legal dispute between Apple and Samsung is finally drawing to a close, as both parties have just finished delivering their closing arguments. The Jury will now retire to consider its verdict;, a process that could take a … Continue reading

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Finally! 4G to become reality in UK this September

For some months now we have heard rumours about 4G coming to the UK, with Vodafone supposedly hot on the heels of the superfast mobile internet service. However, in a move that shocked rival companies, Ofcom recently approved an application … Continue reading

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The iPad Mini – is it good enough to overcome Android?

Following months of headlines featuring Apple’s supposed new iPad Mini, a Chinese firm has leaked parts to give the world an idea of how the miniature tablet will look. According to new information, the iPad Mini appears to have a … Continue reading

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Top 5 security tips to ensure you are protected online

Despite the millions of us who rely heavily on the internet in our daily lives, it seems that a large proportion are not taking proper security measures. So following on from the last blog post where I talked about how … Continue reading

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