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Can you guess what the reason is for your business losing sales?

With Christmas just around the corner, businesses will be doing all they can to try and lure in potential customers to increase their sales. But, there are some things that are out of their hands. A recent study has shown … Continue reading

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Amazon pokes fun at the iPad mini to support its Kindle Fire HD has hit Apple full-force in the on-going tablet wars by positioning a full-page advert on its homepage, showing why its new Kindle Fire HD is superior to the new mini iPad. With a big logo saying ‘Much More for … Continue reading

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Amazing new technology which will help brighten up many homes & improve your mood

Philips Lighting have come up with an amazing new invention which could see the end of the light switch, and open up millions of homes to mood lighting at the tips of their fingers. The Dutch company has created a … Continue reading

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5 things to learn from the UK’s top rated retailer’s websites

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to online shopping the functionality of a website is one of the main reasons why I end up spending more time on the site, meaning I am more likely to end … Continue reading

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To reveal, or not to reveal…..Should you reveal your identity online?

A senior government official has sparked widespread debate over revealing our identities online, specifically on social networks, and what exactly we should keep hidden from the online world. Andy Smith, an internet security chief at the Cabinet Office, has advised … Continue reading

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Everything you will ever need to know about 4G – Coming to the UK next week

Finally, 4G will be launched in the UK next week, but some of you may be wondering exactly what 4G means for your bank balance and exactly what it entails. The new service by Everything Everywhere (which is the joint … Continue reading

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How eBay is making your life easier around the world – via PayPal

eBay just keeps on getting better and better, now wanting to make it easy for those who use the site to fill up their PayPal account whilst they are abroad. eBay’s PayPal unit has recently partnered with MoneyGram, the second-largest … Continue reading

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The reason why you may not be seeing a high volume of online sales

Despite the rise in online shopping over the past few years, it seems that most consumers still prefer to shop in-store. There is no doubt that mobile and PC spending has dramatically increased, however a recent survey which questioned over … Continue reading

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Will Amazon be a successful fashion e-tailer?

When you think of Amazon, I am sure ‘luxury fashion’ doesn’t spring to mind. But Amazon seems intent on changing this, having made it clear that it now wishes to take a foray into the online luxury fashion world. If you are … Continue reading

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How would you feel if you stopped receiving post on a Saturday?

We all know how frustrating it can be when we miss a parcel we have been waiting for, which is why most of us try and choose a reliable parcel delivery company that we can count on! Most of us … Continue reading

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