Apple’s response to direct threats to its precious Siri

Siri - Apples threat is EviWith the news that a Cambridge based technology company has created a better, more capable version of Apple’s Siri, which is currently available in Apple’s app store, Apple have threatened to pull the plug and delete the company’s app, named “Evi”.

The technology behind Evi is apparently better at handling British accents and providing regional information, however Siri can’t understand British maps, refer you to British businesses, and won’t respond to certain commands.

William Tunstall-Pedoe, chief executive of True Knowledge, who launched the app in 2012, revealed to the Guardian that an Apple representative had contacted him to tell him that Evi will be pulled.

Apple’s Rules

Condition 8.3 of the App Store’s terms and conditions bans apps that appear “confusingly similar to an existing Apple product”.

Tunstall-Pedoe has confirmed to the Guardian that Evi was “being reviewed” .

Evi is comparable to Siri because they both offer voice-activated responses to questions asked by smartphone users, but Siri is embedded into the iPhone 4S, whereas Evi has to be downloaded.

Evi  also uses the same speech recognition system, Nuance, as Siri, but relies on its own set of servers rather than Apple’s.

Tunstall-Pedoe has said that he is waiting for further information from Apple regarding Evi being pulled from the App Store.

Evi is a potential threat

Evi has been rather popular on both Apple and Android stores, proved by only being available for three weeks, yet it is  now approaching half a million downloads which is pretty impressive.

The iPhone version costs 69p, whilst the Android version is free because it uses Google’s own voice recognition system.

Have you been using Evi? And have you had the chance to test both Siri and Evi out? Let us know in the comments below which you prefer!

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