Are you lured by bargain prices? HP TouchPad attracts the masses…

HP touchpadWhen Hewlett-Packard decided to kill off its TouchPad and sell it for just a fraction of what it originally cost, $99 instead of $499, eBay sellers were quick to spot an opportunity and bought the HP TouchPad to sell at a marked-up price.

TouchPads are now selling on eBay for as much as $300!

Since news of the huge price cuts got out, people have been scrambling to stores to snap up the TouchPad before it sells out, and in the UK retailers have already run out of stock. You can still buy it on auction and retail websites, albeit not as cheap as the original mark-down.

Some astute eBayer’s saw this as a chance to make some easy money, and after buying the HP TouchPad at the reduced price, decided to sell it online whilst organising delivery with a cheap courier.

But why are people suddenly so bothered about HP’s failed tablet? Only two months after releasing the tablet, HP decided to give it the chop due to drastically low sales, indicating little consumer interest.

It seems that the hype over the weekend due to the vast media attention about the huge price cuts sparked off an irrational enthusiasm in many consumers, who all of a sudden decided that they wanted, and needed the HP TouchPad.

In today’s society, where we are surrounded by a constant stream of new things to buy which offer a better, shiny lifestyle, it is easy to get caught up in the propaganda of new technology and be swayed by what our neighbours are buying.

Yet in these hard times people are reluctant to buy expensive items, unless there is an incentive. It appears the incentive being that people view ‘bargains’ as too good an opportunity to miss, so they jump on the bandwagon to buy something that they didn’t really need, or even want.

I am pretty sure some people bought the HP TouchPad just because of this – the fact that it was a bargain and that the whole world is talking about tablets. It all feels kinda murky to me though, like we are all swept up in consumption and consumerism, buying things that we wouldn’t normally consider just because it was a bargain.

How do you feel about this? Have you been tempted to buy something that you never wanted, just because it was a bargain?

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