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eBay’s PayPal Head Quits To Join Facebook

The head of eBay’s PayPal division, David Marcus, is stepping down to join Facebook – where he will be taking on the new role of leading the social network’s mobile messaging products. eBay explained that Marcus, who had spearheaded the … Continue reading

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Enter our competition and get ready for summer

Despite a few stutters in the weather, summer is well on its way – so now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to look your best. Luckily, Parcel2Go might have a solution. The latest in our … Continue reading

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Do you think your kid should give you access to their Facebook AND mobile?

Conservative MP Claire Perry has caused controversy this week by suggesting that parents should be able to demand access to their children’s social media accounts, bringing about the question of how much we should be privy to when it comes … Continue reading

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Is the web changing our identity?

How do you see yourself? Friendly and popular? Or aloof, and private? A new report intended for one of the Governments chief scientists has revealed that our internet is changing the way we identify ourselves, both personally and when we … Continue reading

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Warning: Be careful what you post on Facebook!

We have all been there before, felt a strong emotion whether it be anger, sadness, or shock, and instantly updated our Facebook status without even thinking about it. Some of us may even then regret it, but feel too embarrassed … Continue reading

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Instagram is adamant it hasn’t done anything wrong! Hmmm….

The hugely popular photo-sharing service Instagram, now owned by Facebook, has come under fire during the past few days over allegations that a change in its terms of conditions which will allow it to sell the rights to the images that … Continue reading

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Love social networking? Be careful – your credit rating may be affected…

If you are anything like me, then you will love using social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but have you ever thought about how it may negatively affect your life, aside from no-one liking your status? It has recently been … Continue reading

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To reveal, or not to reveal…..Should you reveal your identity online?

A senior government official has sparked widespread debate over revealing our identities online, specifically on social networks, and what exactly we should keep hidden from the online world. Andy Smith, an internet security chief at the Cabinet Office, has advised … Continue reading

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Facebook crackdown on fake ‘likes’

Facebook appears to be implementing new procedures in an attempt to remove fake “likes” from users’ Facebook accounts. The measures seem to be resulting in the banning of accounts involved in fraudulent “liking” activity, but a lot of accounts with … Continue reading

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