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What is Expedited Delivery?

  Expedited delivery is essentially when a particular parcel or consignment is prioritised over others, improving its delivery speed. For many courier services ‘expedited’ is simply a means by which to describe the range of services that provide a faster … Continue reading

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How Much Would It Cost to Send a Parcel in Westeros?

The postal service in Game of Thrones isn’t up to much. Most letters seem to arrive in the beak of some scabby black bird, or at best in the quivering hands of a scrawny squire (see the ‘pink letter’ delivered … Continue reading

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What is a Courier?

Ever wondered what a courier does and how they do it? We look to the past and the present to find out.   It’s happened to everyone. You buy something on eBay. You win something in a competition. Or maybe … Continue reading

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Top 7 Postal Films Ever Made

As a service that impacts our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that the postal industry has made its mark on the world around us – from influencing the fashion industry right through to making it in Hollywood. From the numerous … Continue reading

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Should your online business be paying tax?

Around eight million people in the UK run an online business – but many are still unaware they should be paying tax on their earnings. Last year, HM Revenue and Customs sent out more than 30,000 letters as part of … Continue reading

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How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

The run up to Christmas has got us thinking about that other well-known courier specialist… yes, we are talking about Father Christmas of course! Inspired by an excellent article by ABC, we decided to take things one step further and … Continue reading

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Parcel2Go makes life EVEN easier for users via Amazon Payments!

Parcel2go has added an Amazon payments option to their website, allowing Amazon users to pay for goods easily through their Amazon account. This means that you can now pay for a delivery service using the payment details already stored in … Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons why App’s fail – leaving you high and dry

It can be frustrating when things don’t go our way, especially when it comes to mobile devices, like the recent 02 disaster many people had to endure. You may have little sympathy for the companies who are to blame when … Continue reading

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Three reasons why Parcel2Go is at the top of its game

With a worldwide survey from the Universal Postal Union informing us that 70 per cent of the organisation’s members believe postal e-services are strategically important for the future, Parcel2Go’s business  is more important than ever, dedicated to being the best … Continue reading

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Seven good reasons why you need Apple’s iOS 5 in your life

Apple’s latest mobile platform release, iOS 5, is apparently such major overhaul that The Telegraph’s Shane Richmond has claimed that users who install it today will feel like they have a new device. Pretty sweeping statement, huh? Apple’s newest operating … Continue reading

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