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Are Delivery Companies Working Around Their Customers’ Schedules?

Online retailing in the UK is on the rise, with figures in April showing that sales online had jumped by 13% in just one year, and that figure is only predicted to rise even further. But online shopping is only … Continue reading

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Should London delivery firms emulate their New York counterparts?

In today’s modern age where the world never sleeps and everything is instantaneous, the concept of next-day delivery, while still extremely important and desirable, is nothing new. People don’t want to wait long for the items they purchase online and … Continue reading

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10 items from 2015 that could make you rich in 25 years’ time

Take a browse through websites such as eBay and you will find dozens of familiar items from your childhood that may have seemed worthless at the time, but are now being sold for hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. In … Continue reading

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Are businesses under pressure to offer same-day deliveries?

Move over next-day delivery, consumers want their goods today! Businesses are working hard to provide exceptional delivery times by using the best courier services, but are they keeping up with consumers’ lofty expectations? Nowadays, most consumers expect the next-day delivery … Continue reading

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Wedding sellers continue to cash in on Etsy market

Earlier this month, Etsy debuted its IPO at $31 per share. The popular site – designed for a community of crafters to sell handmade trinkets – surprised the market, with investors willing to pay almost double the original share price … Continue reading

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Are Delivery Drones the Future?

More and more people are shopping online nowadays. Rather than heading out into the hustle and bustle of the high street, all it takes is a few clicks and you can have your desired item at your door within a … Continue reading

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Is there a thriving online business gathering dust in your loft?

Popular TV show ‘Cash in the Attic’ first aired in 2002, prompting many of us to feverishly trawl through the junk that had been stowed away in our lofts in the hope that we’d uncover a priceless gem. Does anybody … Continue reading

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Parcel2Go wins Most Innovative Company award at Northern Tech Awards

After all of the hard work that Parcel2Go have done over the past year to make its service the best that it can be, Parcel2Go is proud to announce that it has won the Most Innovative Company Award at the … Continue reading

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4 Of The Best Resignation Letters Ever

Saying goodbye to a workplace is never easy – after spending several years building up professional connections and learning many a valuable skill, it’s time to work in pastures new. But with goodbyes being hard to say, why not simplify … Continue reading

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4 Of The Best Fan Mail Responses From Celebrities

Celebrities receiving mail from their adoring fans is a well-known phenomenon – however, hearing fans receive mail from their favourite celebrities is a concept that often goes unheard of. Given their busy schedules (and their huge deliveries of fan mail, … Continue reading

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