Deal or no deal? Amazon, eBay and Google take the fight to Groupon

Friends celebrating on bed - GrouponEveryone loves a bargain, especially when it involves something fun and, in my case a little pampering. I downloaded the Groupon iPhone daily deals app last week and it’s pretty addictive. Now, I’ve been good and haven’t bought anything yet, but the opportunities were there alright. Half-price hotel breaks, spa trips, weekends away in the Cotswolds. The other day I was just a few clicks away from buying the opportunity to drive at over 400km/h in a Bugatti Veyron! I restrained myself. Just.

Going by reports in the media however, it seems like Groupon isn’t having everything its own way. The firm has started offering deals on more general retail goods and now big online players including Amazon, eBay and Google have reacted and are getting in on the act.

eBay now offers hot deals and daily deals through its website homepages, Amazon launched a rival offering to Groupon called AmazonLocal in the US in June, and Google is rolling out its Google Offers service across America right now. It surely won’t be long before Amazon and Google’s deal services are available in the UK.

What are your experiences of deal sites? Ever had your finger slip and buy something by accident?! (or that’s what you alleged to your other half!). I certainly hope anyone purchasing products through these websites chooses to keep their items safe with a reliable courier service!

Do you think you’d check out Google’s service if it hit our shores, or would you stick to Groupon? With the recent release of Google’s social network, Google+, it could be a clever way to integrate into that. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Deal or no deal? Amazon, eBay and Google take the fight to Groupon

  1. Support says:

    We were merchants of daily deal providers for our cafe before. we sold over 2000 coupons and I tell you It’s not good for cashflow at all.

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