Exciting News – Parcel2Go launches mobile site!

mobile phone - iphoneI’d truly be lost without my iPhone – listening to music, checking the news, weather and sports on the move has become the core of my very being! It’s become second nature to me to go on the internet when I’m in a cafe alone or riding the bus.

A large number of major retailers have now invested in either developing mobile apps or creating dedicated mobile sites to make accessing their services easier – and when you’re using a small screen, this can make a big difference.

Amazon and eBay are two of the mobile sites that I use the most. They make it so much easier to find what you’re looking for quickly. And now online parcel delivery firm Parcel2Go has joined the party! We’ve launched a dedicated mobile website that is set to speed up the process of organising a parcel delivery service through a mobile phone.

With a few clicks it’s now possible to get a quick quote, place an order or track an existing order. The layout is really simple and clear, making the whole process fast and easy. When you search for Parcel2Go, your phone will automatically take you to the mobile site – simples!

The site is available now at m.parcel2go.com and I’d love to hear the thoughts of anyone who has tried it, feedback is always greatly appreciated :)

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  • Stacey pryce

    Also exciting new about you guys at City Link. Their service will be reduced to £5.85+VAT as of tomorrow!

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