How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

The run up to Christmas has got us thinking about that other well-known courier specialist… yes, we are talking about Father Christmas of course!

Inspired by an excellent article by ABC, we decided to take things one step further and find out just how many tasty treats he’ll get through in the night, as well as the effect that this may have on his waistline by Christmas morning.

Santa isn’t the only one who has to put in a tough night’s work though, so we also calculated how much strain all those new Furbies are going to place on his trusty reindeer.

On top of that, we really wanted to see just who the fastest man alive is: Felix Baumgartner or Father Christmas? To find out, you’ll have to check out the infographic below!

If you’ve got any interesting Father Christmas facts of your own we’d love to hear your comments below.

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Parcel2Go Courier Father Christmas Infographic


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Parcel2Go Courier Father Christmas Infographic



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5 Responses to How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

  1. safcblogger says:

    All I know is Felix Baumgartner down me chimney at that speed would make a mess. Thank god for Santy

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  4. Barry Adams says:

    At that speed he’ll be experiencing a healthy measure of relativity, which probably explains why he’s still doing it after several centuries – time has passed slower for him than it has for us!

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