Job losses, profit losses & VIP losses…..Is this the death of Blackberry?

Blackberry job losses profit lossYou could say that Blackberry manufacturer RIM is having a pretty tough week….well actually, you could say they have been having a pretty tough couple of years.

This week, chief legal officer Karima Bawa resigned, coming hot on the heels of their Global Sales head Patrick Spence, and even worse is the warnings of job losses at the company, and with the announcement of much worse than expected first quarter figures, the future looks bleak for Blackberry

Blackberry’s Troubles

Blackberry has struggled to stay ahead in the face of the meteoric rise of the iPod and other smartphones.

Their fortunes weren’t helped by an intensely embarrassing technical failure last year, which resulted in a disruption of services for up to 4 days, resulting in their much loved service Blackberry Messenger (BBM) failing, which saw a whole load of angry consumers and perhaps the beginning of its downfall in consumer popularity.

Although Blackberry have struggled to remain competitive, despite embracing the use of new technologies such as fuel cells, it is still considered a leader in its industry, due to the security features that they offer to users, although this has sometimes put them at odds with law enforcement agencies, who see use of the device heavily associated with organized crime.

Blackberry’s future… is there one?

So what’s next for RIM and Blackberry?

Rumours of takeover bids have floated around the internet for a while, where last year there were reports that major market players such as Amazon were interested in acquiring the company, perhaps based on the strength and prestige of the brand name, seeing it as a valuable asset.

So, what does Blackberry say about all this?

The company hopes that by cutting jobs and bringing outside expertise from JP Morgan and RIM, they will be able to turn things around, but ultimately, as with most things, only time will tell.

On a more positive note is the announcement that the new Blackberry 10 is still on track for a 2012 release, although even this statement has been met with some degree of scepticism.

What do you think is in store for Blackberry’s future? Do you have a Blackberry? Or have you switched to the more popular smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone?

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