Send A Secret Valentine To Your Crush On February 14th

Oh Valentine’s Day – with couples cosying up to each other and doting duos spoiling their other halves with a selection of cards and gifts, how can you not feel the romance on such a lovey-dovey date? Well if you’re single, it’s pretty easy to not feel said romance. With many singletons feeling singled out (excuse the pun) for not being part of a pair, why not use February 14th as the opportunity to let your crush know that you fancy them?

While your feelings for them may be loud and clear, putting it into words can be a slightly different matter – after all, what exactly is the best way to let your crush know how you feel about them and more importantly, what exactly do you say? Thankfully at Parcel2Go, our Cupid couriers have plenty of tricks up their sleeve to help you get the message across loud and clear:

1. Valentine’s Day card. If you’re not quite sure what it is you want to say to your crush, then let a card complete with an already printed message say it for you. Not only is it a convenient way of letting your crush know you like them ‘like them’, it’s also a classic – how could you go wrong by giving them a beautifully designed Valentine’s Day card featuring a well-written declaration of your feelings? Just make sure you don’t go overboard and mention the ‘L’ word (that would be the word ‘love’, not ‘loser’ in case that’s what you were thinking).


2. Write a letter telling your crush how much you like them. Sending your crush a note telling them your feelings on any other day of the year would be considered by most as pretty weird, but fortunately on Valentine’s Day, this grants you an automatic pass! If you’re really struggling to put pen to paper, why not ask a friend for help? You might find that around this time, some romantics are willing to give you a helping hand with a love-letter writing course – where they’ll suggest anything from a hand-written letter to using a typewriter to seal the deal. Remember – keep it short but sweet, as a little goes a long way.

3. Handmade gift. For those who aren’t a fan of cards or conversations, why not try the adage of ‘actions speak louder than words’? Often being thoughtful can be the biggest statement of romance itself, so recalling their favourite songs and compiling them into a mix tape or baking their favourite cookies can deliver the most romantic results. Not only could you potentially learn a new craft, you also gain bonus points from your beau for remembering their most-loved things!

Are any of you planning to let your crush know how you feel this Valentine’s Day? If so, how will you communicate your affections their way? Let us know your ideas, and better still, whether your romantic notions worked!

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Send A Card To A Friend Day

When’s the last time you received a card? Or more importantly, when was the last time you actually bought a card, wrote your greetings inside the card, placed it an envelope, stamped it accordingly, then place it in the post box to be sent to its intended recipient? If trying to recall this memory dates back further than the last time you used dial up internet, then fear not – as we’re here to save the day: literally.

On 7th February 2015, you now have the perfect excuse to send a card to a friend – because this particular Saturday is aptly named…’Send A Card To A Friend Day’. Sure it’s thoughtful to send them a text message wishing them well (or alternatively, the time-saving process of liking their status on Facebook), but taking the time to send them a handwritten card adds a certain personal touch to the occasion. However if you’re stuck for ideas on what type of card best suits your friend, we’ve helpfully come up with a list of categories guaranteed to match your friend’s personality – please, thank us later:

1. Cute. From that kitten-obsessed lady friend of yours you’ve known since secondary school to the animal-loving guy mate you’ve been solid companions with throughout your job, pets are universally a guy’s – and girl’s – best friend. As one of the best-selling themes in the greetings cards industry, you can’t go wrong with an adorable animal wishing your recipient best wishes (unless it’s one of their ‘pet’ peeves).

2. Humour. Let’s see if your friends see the funny side of the humourous card you’ve sent them – as getting their sense of humour right is absolutely essential in making all the difference between making them smile and seriously offending them. Consider how long you’ve been friends with them and the type of stuff you both find funny – are they more sarcastic? Or do they prefer the slapstick variety? If you’re worried that the joke may be lost on them, keep it simple with light-hearted humour – after all, the act of sending them a card is the thought that counts!

3. Thank You. If you’re torn between sending cute correspondence or mailing a humorous card, play it safe and from the heart – by thanking them for their friendship. Personalise it by crafting one from scratch, maybe add a photo or a lyric from their favourite song – or simply share your favourite memory of them in the card. However if you’re stuck for words, you can always just get a ready-made card – just get ready to post it in time for Send A Card To A Friend Day!


Do you have any inspirations you’d like to share with the rest of the correspondence community? Let us know your ideas in the comments box – we look forward to receiving your card in the post (hint hint)!

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3 Of The Worst Types Of Letters To Receive In The Mail

The clatter of the letterbox to signal the arrival of new mail is a familiar sound in many a household – and the anticipation as we wonder what could be stuffed in the envelope can vary from a welcoming piece of correspondence to unwanted post. So if we’re looking forward to receiving mail such as birthday cards and letters containing good news, what type of post are you likely to reject?

It probably comes as no surprise that the majority of people dread post concerning money – from their bank to the tax office even if it’s to surprise us with some unexpected cash flow, as soon as we see that post bearing that familiar financial institution logo, quite often more than not we’d rather see this correspondence relegated to the junk mail pile. What types of letters would you rather were returned to sender? Our list details the top three types of post no one wants to receive:

1. Bank/credit card statements. No one likes to be reminded about how much they’ve spent during a particularly indulging season (post-Christmas broke binge, anyone?). The sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise you’ve gone overdrawn is a sentiment shared by several in the New Year, especially if pay day came early in December to accommodate for people’s Christmas shopping – but whilst January may seem like a long month until your bank account’s topped up with your monthly wage, there’s always the alternative: online statements. Not only is it good for the environment, but for those who aren’t technically-savvy, it’s also good as that way you can’t access your online banking (and view your dwindling funds)!

2. Job rejection letters. Got your hopes up about that potential job? After a dry spell where you’ve not had any communication with your prospective employer, quite often a letter from said recipient can be a sign of bad news. But instead of seeing this as a negative outcome, see the positive – and use it as an opportunity. While you may have missed out on that must-have job, act upon the rejection letter by writing to the interviewer thanking them for considering your application. Highlight how impressed you were by the company, and should they have any future openings, ask that they consider you should a suitable role open up.

3. Penalty charge notices. You know how it is – from trying to beat the traffic and unaware of your high speeds to nabbing the nearest parking space for the sake of convenience, you’re hit with a penalty charge notice. Unfortunately due to the trauma of being berated for your less-than-optimal parking choice, the memory of receiving a fixed penalty notice has suddenly slipped your mind – but not for your local council, who have not only sent the penalty charge notice straight to your door, but have most likely increased the fine. Thankfully there’s always the chance to appeal – just make sure this option doesn’t slip your mind too!


What other letters would you prefer to avoid receiving? Let us know in the comments box below!

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Practice Makes Perfect: Practise Your Penmanship On Handwriting Day

In an age of digital communication, the idea of using a pen and paper might seem a little alien to some – why take the time and trouble to write a letter, stamp the envelope, take it to your nearest post box when you could just text/email the recipient direct from your smartphone? While you could probably get away with hiding behind a screen, there will be instances where your cursive skills will be required – such as completing a job application form in-store or writing wedding invites.

Despite the influx of instant messaging, it seems that many people are bringing back the art of penmanship – with examples such as Hannah Brencher’s project, ‘The World Needs More Love Letters’ where people mail in letters of support to complete strangers. And with news reports highlighting how nurses’ poor handwriting has led to medical errors due to not being legible (not to mention students losing marks in exams as a result of weak cursive skills), there’s no better reason to practise your handwriting by taking part on Handwriting Day, taking place on Friday 23rd January 2015.

So how do you go about diligently dotting the Is and carefully crossing the Ts? With these top tips, courtesy of the helpful team at Parcel2Go:


1. Comfort comes first. Using a pen that doesn’t sit right in your grip won’t help your handwriting cause – and while many strongly recommend fountain pens as their writing weapons of choice, it’s a case of trying and testing the various options available.
2. Warm up. Flex your fingers, roll your wrists – and get ready to use muscles you never realised were critical to the handwriting process! Don’t be surprised if you experience a little strain, the more handwriting you do, the less discomfort you’ll incur.
3. Perfect posture. Ensure you sit up straight and you use your non-writing hand for balance – you’re going to need it. By supporting the writing hand, this gives you better control over your handwriting.
4. Sit tight. When practising, seat yourself on a hard-backed chair with your writing materials on the table in front of you. Sofas and recliners won’t aid your posture, which is imperative in the long-run.
5. Retrain your writing. You’d be surprised how many people write with their fingers eg ‘drawing’ the letters. Try to keep your arm and wrist in the same position, as free reign might result in your handwriting resembling a scribble!
6. Slow down. In an attempt to achieve the perfect handwriting, many tend to rush – which only makes their scrawls look messy. Over time, you’ll find you’ll gain good control of your hand which will give you the confidence to try different handwriting styles – whether it’s a looping effect or rounding your letters off for a fancy finish.

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Why not surprise someone with your cursive talents with a handwritten letter for the ultimate personal touch? We’re excited about participating with our pens on Handwriting Day – and we hope you’ll be joining us!

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Preloved and Parcel2Go – Partners in Value


It’s official: Christmas is over. The mince pies have gone; to be replaced by unused gym membership cards and the festive spirit has given way to scanning the travel sales in a desperate bid to find some fun to look forward to. On top of all this, your house is now cluttered with the many, many presents that have gone from guaranteed, Christmas Day hilarity to inevitable, yearly clutter. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easier way?

Parcel2Go are delighted to announce a new partnership with increasingly popular marketplace website Preloved. Famed for providing an easy to experience to swap or sell your unwanted items; Preloved has grown to one of the nation’s favourite second hand e-commerce platforms. With an ethos focusing on an unbeatable customer experience, incredible value (for both buyers and sellers) and providing the best service possible; Parcel2Go and Preloved are a natural fit!

When you list your item on Preloved (did we mention it’s free?) you can now opt in to have available Parcel2Go services appear on your advert, letting potential buyers immediately see how much it will cost them to arrange a delivery. Currently offering all our door-to-door services at our usual low prices; many deliveries can be sent from as little as £2.48+VAT. And with plans to add further services including Parcel Shop drop offs and even lockers; any potential buyer will easily be able to both purchase your item and arrange the shipping meaning your item won’t stay cluttering your home for long.

With the usual Parcel2Go focus on value and simplicity, your order will be fully integrated between Preloved and Parcel2Go meaning you can arrange the shipping in minutes. And by bringing your item to the attention of a nationwide audience; the right buyer for your item just became a whole lot easier to find. Need further convincing: did you know your item will be fully tracked all the way to delivery?

So the next time you want to clear out your unwanted items, or make a few quid from the frankly rubbish present your uncle sent you, why not try listing on Preloved? With no listing fees, and fully integrated delivery options with Parcel2Go, your only limit’s the amount of clutter you need to clear!

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Top 5 Collection Of Famous Authors’ Letters

When we think of the literary works from the likes of Virginia Woolf and P.G. Wodehouse, the last thing that comes to mind is the other type of literature – letters. However, it’s easy to overlook this medium – living in a digital age where we greatly rely on electronic communications and instant messaging has meant that we forget that traditional mail still exists.

To highlight this, a website titled ‘Letters of Note’ has amassed a collection of over 125 letters from some of history’s most iconic figures – showcasing their most private thoughts and offering us a glimpse into their personal insights as opposed to their professional publications. Here we’ll highlight our five favourite letters from some of the world’s most famous authors – see if you can find your preferred penman (or penwoman) in our list!

1. A Life in Letters: F. Scott Fitzgerald. While this collection tends to go in and out of print every so often, this must-have can easily be tracked online. As a source of inspiration for many a budding novelist, avid fans will love reading his early letters – chronicling his life lessons as well as messages to his daughter.


2. Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963. As one of the most admired writers of all time, Sylvia Plath created a legacy that has made a huge impact on the writing community. This book features a compilation of Plath’s letters collected by well-known scholars as well as her fans – a highly recommended book for those with a vested interest in her life story.

3. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. A prominent figure in London’s writing society, this English writer was renowned for titles such as ‘Orlando’ and ‘To the Lighthouse’. Check out the most significant writer of the 20th century by exploring the hidden wisdom in her letters, in this complete volume from 1888-1912.

4. Graham Greene: A Life in Letters. Highly regarded as one of the world’s greatest novelists, Graham Greene made a profound impact among the cinema and theatre industry. Here readers will see his passion for politics in his letters, making their way from Britain all the way to destinations such as Vietnam and Estonia.

5. P.G. Wodehouse: A Life in Letters. We have Wodehouse to thank for his hilarious prose – with the brilliant Jeeves books among some of the most celebrated titles. But with this book, enthusiasts see a different side to this acclaimed novelist – with letters sent to writers including Agatha Christie, George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh. There’s also a lot to learn from his experiences in the Second World War, as well as his time spent in a Nazi internment camp.


Did you find your favourite writers in our letter-related list? Has this inspired you to follow suit and send mail the old-fashioned way? Well what are you waiting for – put your pen to paper now!

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5 Christmas Gifts Most Likely To Be Returned And Refunded

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – to return and refund your unwanted Christmas presents? While it’s certainly lots of fun waiting in anticipation for Santa to deliver your gifts, when the excitement eventually wears off, those rose-tinted glasses you wore when you received the obligatory bath salts presents have since cracked – and weirdly enough you’re not as enthusiastic about the opportunity to indulge in some muscle-relief toiletries.

So if herbal therapy doesn’t float your boat, what other Christmas presents also face the prospect of being returned to its original sender? Here we list the top five festive gifts most likely to make its way back to the retailer:

1. Fashion. US department retail store, Kohl’s, carried out a study back in 2011 that found clothes and shoes to be the most returned Christmas presents. That same year, MarketTools confirmed this fact – reporting clothes and shoes accounting for 62 per cent of all returns.

2. Consumer gadgets. You might think that being gifted the latest smartphone or state-of-the-art tablet is a dream come true, but you’d be surprised by how many have been disappointed by their top-priced tech! With a plethora of different devices and specs to choose from, factors such as memory and brand play a strong part in consumer choice – so be careful when picking presents, as being an Apple aficionado or Samsung supporter plays an important part in whether or not your Christmas gift ends up back on the shop shelf.


3. Kitchen/bath accessories. Goodbye, beloved bath salts. Buying a kitchen appliance or any type of toiletry can be done at any time of the year, so why wait until Christmas? Put some thought into your present purchasing, and buy something that’s unique – just like the recipient.

4. Jewellery. Ladies – try buying your boyfriend that new video game they’ve been talking about. Not the easiest of tasks, as not only do you have to ensure you’ve chosen the right title but you also have to make sure you chose the right console for said title to be played on. So if you think that’s tough, spare some thought for men buying jewellery for their other half. With many women particular about certain metals (from being allergic to gold to preferring a silver finish), finding a present that meets their particular tastes can be quite the challenge. When finding a specific gift, it’s best to shop with your partner – that way you have a definite idea of their desired present.

5. Cosmetics. Oh, that bright pink lipstick you bought at the last minute really brings out her eyes…maybe? While it’s a meaningful gesture, cosmetic purchases are one of the toughest things to get right – and it’s best left up to the experts (ie your ladyfriend).


What other Christmas presents have you been guilty of returning? Confess your Christmas crimes in the comments box now!

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Are You A Business? Then Free Shipping Day Is Your Customer’s New Favourite Holiday

So you’ve spent hours browsing online for the best deals, and you’ve finally come across a bargain too good to be true – but just as you get to the checkout page and realise just how extortionate shipping fees are, you’ve given up on the whole buying process just as quickly as you’ve given up on your New Year’s resolution.

But it seems that all is not lost, as there’s a special day in December that guarantees to make your delivery dreams come true: introducing Free Shipping Day, taking place on Monday 15th December. A concept developed by Luke and Maisie Knowles back in 2008, this event has now grown into a yearly tradition celebrated the world over – designed to offer free shipping as well as guaranteed delivery on online orders in the days leading up to Christmas. Its purpose? For this generous offer to extend the e-commerce period, thereby boosting sales during this festive season.


The benefits of offering free shipping
While many businesses depend on their shipping costs as a way of boosting profits, there are several other organisations out there that are still doing well for themselves financially without the need to add on extra delivery costs. Earlier this year, a blog published by CPC Strategy noted that a staggering 73 per cent of online shoppers highlighted unconditional free shipping as “critical to a purchase” – with an overwhelming 93 per cent of online buyers encouraged to buy even more items if free shipping is included!

So what are the benefits to providing free shipping? Merchants will instantly notice a boost to their online sales, which in turn, results in even more orders and profits – while customers tempted by this incentive could take advantage of the free shipping and request a bulk order. With regards to the long-term benefits, think of the loyal customers you will have amassed thanks to your generous free shipping – as not only will you have retained your existing customer base, but you’ll also have attracted the interest of many others. Additionally, you’ll be miles ahead of your rivals – with customers preferring your business over others.

Understanding the free shipping model
However, before you rush out to completely overhaul your shipping policy, make sure this model benefits you as much as it does your customers. Factors such as the loss of profit margin as a result of shipping expenses as well as the advertising behind increasing awareness about your company’s free shipping costs valuable time and money, which is why you must first do the following:

• Establish your margins (varying levels of discounted shipping costs)
• Consider your goods (such as dimensions, and how weighted items will naturally cost more)
• Assess your orders (maybe introduce free shipping for orders over £50)
• Know your customers (their locations will greatly impact delivery costs).


As a customer, do you feel that free shipping contributes to the make-or-break of completing a transaction? Maybe you’re a business considering making free shipping a feature within your operations, but not sure of the logistics? Voice your thoughts in the comments box below – or get in touch with our Customer Help Centre for more information today.

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The Time Is Now: When Should You Post Your Christmas Cards?

When it comes to Christmas, there tends to be two types of people: the smug, organised bunch who planned way ahead in advance with their Christmas correspondence, and the panicked, disorganised lot who have left their Christmas card mailing list to the last minute. If the description of the latter sounds familiar to you, then don’t despair – as we’re here to advise on when to mail out your season’s greetings as well as the last posting dates.


While you may think that you have just over a couple of weeks to get your Christmas cards out on time, you’d best check whereabouts your recipients are located – especially when it comes to international mail. So before you lose all hope in getting your mail delivered before Christmas, let Santa’s little couriers come to your rescue:

• Airmail (international standard/tracking/signature services). The list below details the last post for airmail to the following countries:
- Canada, Poland: December 9
- USA: December 12
- Western Europe: December 13
• Inland UK. The last posting dates for UK inland are:
- 2nd Class and Signed For: December 18
- 1st Class and Signed For: December 20
- Special Delivery Guaranteed: December 23

Standard deliveries will be carried out as normal on December 22, 23 and 24, however there will be no deliveries or collections on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Deliveries will resume on December 27, 29, 30 and 31, though no deliveries or collections will take place on New Year’s Day – deliveries will then go back to normal on January 2, except in Scotland as it’s a bank holiday.

If you’re short for time, the majority of local delivery offices will extend their opening hours until late from Monday December 8, so you can collect your packages at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you could arrange for a courier to deliver your parcels – simply book online via our site and receive a quote instantly. Just type in where your item will be collected and delivered to as well as its weight, and once you’re happy with your quote, we’ll take care of the rest.

Showcasing an excellent track record for customer service (4.9/5.0, thank you very much) as well as over two million customers (and counting) having used Parcel2Go as their trusted courier, why not try out our services today? With huge savings on international delivery, Christmas really has come early – only with Parcel2Go.


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Last Christmas Delivery Dates 2014

Last Christmas, you gave me your…infographic detailing the last posting dates for the festive period? As it’s the season of generosity, the team at Parcel2Go have decided to go the extra mile by creating an infographic listing a selection of leading online retailers and their delivery dates during the Christmas holidays.

That’s right, we’ve compiled (alphabetically – you’re welcome) a directory listing which businesses offer standard and express/next day delivery as well as the dates they won’t be delivering on throughout the Christmas period. Featuring major names including ASOS, Selfridges and O2, we’ve also thrown in our own delivery dates (because we’re generous like that).

With the different delivery options marked in green, red and grey, this easy-to-read chart shows you just how much time you have to put your online orders in – so whether you’re after the latest tablet or that must-have dress for the office Christmas party, with a little help from our infographic, knowing when the last posting dates are for Christmas really gives new meaning to it being ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!


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