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More Than Half Of UK Tablet Users Shop From 5pm To Midnight

Research has shown that 51 per cent of tablet shoppers in the UK have extended their shopping hours of 6pm to 9pm to much later – with many Brits now staying up until midnight to feed their shopping habits. With … Continue reading

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Blackberry’s star continues to fall after posting losses of $965m

Following a slump in sales, Blackberry has reported a net loss of $965 million (£600m) during the second quarter of 2013. It is the latest fixture in a depressing saga for the manufacturer. Financial problems have come to a head … Continue reading

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What is happening to Blackberry?

Once the brightest star in the smartphone sky, Blackberry is exploring the possibility of putting itself up for sale following years of unsuccessful revamps and falling sales. Last week shares in the company leapt by five per cent following reports … Continue reading

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What’s the big deal with LG’s buttons?

In a move that is sure to shock all but the least dedicated of smartphone enthusiasts, LG has decided to put some buttons on the back of its new flagship model. The first ever smartphone without side buttons may seem … Continue reading

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Why don’t smartphone batteries last longer?

Have you ever wondered, with all the advances in technology, why multi-billion pound companies behind smartphones haven’t worked out how to make the battery last an acceptable amount of time? The advent of the 4G and its trappings, such as … Continue reading

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The World’s Thinnest Smartphone and Five Other Game Changers

Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei has unveiled what it says is the thinnest smartphone ever. The company expects the 6.18mm (0.24in) thick Ascend P6 to work ‘miracles’ for its brand – the phone has been described by experts as a ‘steamrollered … Continue reading

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Why Samsung is better than Apple

Over the last few years, the smartphone market has been an on-going tug of war between Apple and Samsung. Apple’s iPhone series popularised the smartphone and brought it to a mass audience, and the company’s position as top dog was … Continue reading

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How changes in the law will protect you from inadvertently pirating music on your smartphone.

  Merry Christmas to all our readers! Plans made this week mean that it will finally be legal for residents of the UK to make backup copies of their digital media, as long as they do not share those backups … Continue reading

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PayPal makes cardio a priority!

PayPal has just announced the acquisition of the card payment service card.io. The service allows merchants to take payment from traditional debit/credit cards by simply holding them up to their phone to be scanned. PayPal has been using card.io’s service … Continue reading

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Are you an impulse buyer? Blame your smartphone or tablet

How many times have you bought something spur of the moment, then gone home and thought, ‘Why did I buy that?!’ If you are anything like me, then this has likely happened to you plenty of times! Impulse buys are … Continue reading

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