Why it matters more than ever to stand out from the competition online

We all know that ecommerce is huge right now, and it looks set to grow and grow as smartphones become smarter and add to the rise of online shopping.

Retailers took a big hit this year, with their high-street shops pulling in less than impressive sales and figures from the British Retail Consortium confirming sales growth in November as the weakest for six months.

UK retail sales values were 1.6 per cent lower on a like-for-like basis from November 2010, when sales had risen 0.7 per cent.

So it seems the only way is online.

A recent report from Ofcom found that ecommerce is thriving in the UK, ahead of several other major countries.

Ofcom revealed that more people are using devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to purchase goods online.

A spokesperson from Webtistic.co.uk, an internet marketing company, suggested that many businesses are branching out from their traditional and daily activities to include ecommerce platforms.

Ecommerce market is highly competitive

However, businesses need to be aware of just how competitive the ecommerce world is. They need to prepare themselves and continually offer customers something unique to stand out from the competition.

Dave Bird, MD of Webtistic said: “Digital commerce is very competitive and a significant marketing budget should be set aside from launch onwards. Many fail to realise that online profit margins are shaved down to minimums and that the success of bricks-and-mortar does not necessarily translate to online.”

He highlighted that hidden costs such as credit card chargebacks and returns and refunds are often overlooked, but the success of ecommerce relies on a true understanding of every aspect involved.

“A high number of online start-ups fall into the trap of launching with a low-budget website design or platform,” Mr Bird commented.

Be Unique

So it is essential that your online business offers more than its competitors.

If you don’t have the resources in-house to design a gorgeous looking website, then why not outsource a web designer?

Outsourcing various short-tem projects can save you time and money, whilst also ensuring you are getting an excellent service from talented freelancers. Just make sure you take a look at their work before you commit.

Mr Bird rightly concluded that traffic will come to your website as long the needs of online shoppers are met.

What are you doing to ensure you stand out from the competition?

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