Royal Mail Managers Vote to go on Strike

Voting to StrikeMembers of Unite, the UK’s largest trade union, have voted to go on strike in response to a pay dispute with Royal Mail.

The strike follows Royal Mail’s ‘paltry’ pay rise offer to their managers of just 1.3%, despite months of discussions with the company.

The statement made by Unite suggests that members of the union “voted by 78% to take strike action”, a 4-1 weighting strongly in favour of industrial action.


Causes and Consequences of Strike Action


Royal Mail’s refusal to budge, says Unite officer Brian Scott, is what brought on the vote for strike action, which is “reflected in the very strong vote for industrial action”.

“We could be talking about an all-out strike,” he went on, “which would cause severe disruption to deliveries to 27 million addresses.”

Scott conceded that in the first instance, the union is “likely to call upon member to work to rule.” Working to rule is still likely to disrupt Royal Mail’s delivery services in the meantime since, according to Scott, “[a]ny action [at all] would have a detrimental impact on business and commerce.”


Royal Mail responds


Royal Mail responded to news of the decision made by the union in a statement sent to Post&Parcel yesterday evening. A spokesperson said: “Royal Mail is very disappointed that members of Unite have voted in favour of industrial action[.]”

“Any action or threat of action is damaging to our business,” the spokesperson added.

It is as yet unclear how long industrial action will go on for and the extent to which it will delay deliveries around the country.

Thankfully, independent courier services will still operate as normal. Historically, it’s been during the strikes that couriers have picked up a significant proportion of deliveries that would normally be sent through the Post Office, meaning that there are plenty of reliable alternatives for those still wishing to send in future.

To find out more about the options available through an independent courier service, click here.

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More Post Offices Due to Close in Deal with WH Smith

Royal Mail strikes imminent400 jobs could be endangered by the expected closure of 129 post offices across the country, as the result of a deal between WH Smith and the Post Office.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) stated that the ten-year deal to integrate the two companies will put workers at risk.

Why the move?

There are currently 107 Post Office branches already operated by WH Smith, including 39 of the “Crown” sites, dedicated post offices located on UK high streets.

The ten-year deal between the Post Office and WH Smith will see integration of a further 61 branches, following the announcement of an 11% rise in gross profit for September to February, putting the total up to £80 million.

“Blatant back-door privatisation”

The CWU has criticised the move as “the beginning of the death rattle for a national, high-quality post office network.”

“It is completely incongruous that WH Smith can run a major post office better than the Post Office itself,” said Assistant Secretary Andy Furey. “Our members do not wish to work for WH Smith, which has a track record of zero hours contracts and a minimum wage approach to resourcing.”

The CWU told The Guardian that the move was evidence of “blatant back-door privatisation” that will put jobs at risk.

Concerns raised over job security

On top of objections regarding WH Smith as an employer, other members of the CWU have expressed fears that more than 400 jobs could be at risk due to the widespread closures resulting from the move.

Fuelling the worry is the memory that hundreds of long-term staff were previously made redundant in an earlier move, when WH Smith took on the initial batch of post offices in 2006.

It remains to be seen to what extent these potential closures will impact customers.

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UK Deliveries Could be Affected by Potential Royal Mail Strike

Royal Mail strikes imminent Following a dispute over pay, nearly 5,000 Royal Mail managers have agreed to vote on whether or not they should go on strike.

How did this all come about?

Back in September, Royal Mail sat down to discuss pay rises with UK branch managers. After months of debate, however, the ‘final offer’ that the employees were given was a ‘paltry’ 1.3% pay increase.

According to Unite, 95% of union members refused the offer.

Royal Mail has nevertheless refused to budge, prompting the union to take action. Unite officer Brian Scott told Sky News that members “are disgusted and upset by the abject failure of Royal Mail to take the issue of pay seriously.”

He warned that “[i]f bosses don’t get around the table and industrial action goes ahead, it will hit the delivery of mail and parcels.”

Has this happened before?

Royal Mail strikes over pay have taken place twice before in the last ten years alone. The first was in 2007 over insufficient pay, pension plans, and Sunday collections. The second was just two years later in 2009, when the Communication Workers Union voted to strike over pay and jobs.

How will this affect customers?

Royal Mail managers are responsible for keeping deliveries running smoothly by communicating between different teams. According to Sky News, this means that deliveries to almost 27 million homes could be affected.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other courier services that will remain hard at work whether or not industrial action goes ahead.

You can find alternative ways to send by getting a delivery quote with Parcel2Go today.

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Get the Most Out of Black Friday: 5 Tips for Buyers

Black Friday

Black Friday is on the 27th November. It’s not long now.

Experienced buyers looking to get the best bargains out of these annual mega-sales will know that bagging what you want is not quite as simple as it first seems. There’s competition. Shopping becomes a sport. And for good reason.

With such huge discounts, there’s the potential for everyone to get what they need for the holidays without it breaking the bank. We think that you can be one of those people. You just need to follow these handy tips that we’ve put together.

5 tips for buyers

      1. CHECK ONLINE FIRST — the big retailers will wait for a specific time to launch their sale, but smaller online sellers will often sell on what they have before Black Friday as a way of generating cash to spend in the sales. That means you can score some bargains in the week before the big day has even started.


      1. MAKE A LIST OF NAMES — if you’ve got a big family, one of the best things to do before getting in line is to make a list of names for extended family and friends. Familiarise yourself with it so that they’re on your mind when you’re browsing. And if they don’t like it, you can always return it with one of our great value couriers.


      1. USE EXTRA PACKAGING — if you’re sending on your purchase to family and friends, your parcel might have a few extra bumps in the rush to get so many packages to their destination on time. Use larger boxes to add extra packaging inside your parcel to keep it secure. Better safe than sorry!


      1. BOOK A DIFFERENT DELIVERY OPTION — this is especially important if you’re sending abroad. Collection services can often be affected by weather and high demand, so opt for a drop-off service for good measure. Any couriers that are at their limit in terms of delivery will be temporarily removed from our quote search.


    1. RETURN PARCELS VIA THE CHEAPEST METHOD — online purchases often get returned, when you realise the item wasn’t what you thought, or doesn’t quite fit. Not all retailers have free returns and so when returning items use the cheapest service possible, which with our lowest price guarantee will be Parcel2go. Remember to take extra protection cover on your parcel as well in case of damage.


So there you have it — a few easy ways to make the Black Friday weekend a lot less stressful. Happy shopping!

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5 Tips for Sellers Facing Black Friday

Black FridayPrepare yourself. Black Friday is coming.

Spikes in online shopping over the last couple of year have led to stories of major delivery slow-downs, with the Post Office and couriers struggling to cope with the spike in demand. Ultimately, many delivery networks just aren’t equipped to handle such big commercial holidays; they can’t just turn on capacity in the same way bookmakers can get extra telephone operators for the Grand National.

But Black Friday doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, if you prepare properly, you can sidestep the chaos and make your customers very happy indeed.


5 tips for sellers

    1. DON’T MAKE FALSE PROMISES — be honest with your customers. Extend your estimated time of arrival by a few days in the week leading up to the big day. Parcel2go will change delivery estimates on our site if we see deliveries delayed by couriers.
    2. BOOK A DIFFERENT DELIVERY OPTION — this is especially important if you’re sending abroad. Collection services can often be affected by weather and high demand, so opt for a drop-off service for good measure. Any couriers that are at their limit in terms of delivery will be temporarily removed from our quote search.
    3. USE EXTRA PACKAGING — your parcel might have a few extra bumps in the rush to get so many packages to their destination on time. Use larger boxes to add extra packaging inside your parcel to keep it secure. Better safe than sorry!
    4. GET EXTRA PROTECTION COVER — things will get hectic around this time of year, which means that a very small number of parcels could get lost or damaged. Taking extra protection cover out on your parcel means that you’ll be compensated in the unlikely event this happens. You can use the compensation to keep your customers happy with a refund.
    5.  SEND EARLY — it might sound obvious, but things get forgotten about when you’re extra busy. Note it down in your diary — or better yet, book your delivery now.


Follow these tips, and the Black Friday weekend will start to look a lot less terrifying. In fact, you might even have time to bag some Black Friday bargains yourself!

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How Can Retailers Prepare for Cyber Monday?

As we move into autumn, no doubt businesses across the country are hard at work preparing for the build-up to Christmas and all the retailing challenges that arrive alongside it. But before you start adding holly and snowflakes to your website banners, remember that there is another major shopping holiday approaching that you should be preparing for.

On the Monday following the American holiday of Thanksgiving, retailers slash their prices and run promotions to boost online sales. Although it originally started in the United States in addition to Black Friday, which takes place three days earlier, Cyber Monday has grown and expanded to reach across the world, including the UK.

Why get on board with Cyber Monday?

According to IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) it is estimated that shoppers spent approximately £720 million on Cyber Monday last year – if that doesn’t grab your attention and persuade you to get involved, then we’re not sure what else to tell you.

Cyber Monday will see a huge increase in the number of people shopping online.

A new report from the Office for National Statistics found that more and more people are turning to the internet for the majority of their shopping. The report showed that the number of men purchasing online rose from 57% to 77% between 2008 and 2015, and the number of women increased from 49% to 75% in the same time period.

Even more interestingly, the ONS report revealed that in 2014, the month with the highest level of online retail sales as a proportion of all retailing was November with 14%, compared to December which had 13%. This is no doubt due to the increased purchasing that takes place prior to Christmas, and retailers should capitalise on the holiday rush by getting on board with Cyber Monday.

For businesses of any kind, whether you specialise in home furnishings or clothes, Cyber Monday can be a tremendous opportunity to increase sales. Whether this is your first Cyber Monday or you’re looking to improve on last year, follow our top five tips to attract visitors and maximise your sales.

1) Can you handle the traffic?

This is more frustrating from a customer’s point of view, but when your website isn’t able to handle the traffic, your visitors will backtrack and look elsewhere. Not only may they not make a purchase on Cyber Monday, but a slow or non-existent website may cause people to browse away from your store and never return. Consumers don’t forget a bad user experience!

Online retailers need to ensure their websites can handle the large volume of Cyber Monday shoppers.

Look into the possibility of bigger and better servers or a more comprehensive cloud storage solution that will be able to handle the increased traffic. Although the increased investment may not seem worth it at the time, the possibility of lost revenue due to a slow website is a nightmare for retailers.

2) Are you mobile-ready?

According to a research report from Criteo in June 2015, 34% of purchases made worldwide and nearly half made in the UK were conducted on a mobile phone or a tablet device. The report also stated that the popularity of mobile phones for purchases is expected to grow even further to 40% across the world by the end of 2015.

Customers want to have more flexibility when it comes to their shopping, in other words, they want to be able to spend their money on their own terms. Mobile shopping allows them to shop on the go. They can access e-commerce websites directly from their social media, and many are able to compare prices easily. So don’t underestimate the value of ensuring that your website is well-designed, fast and optimised for easy mobile purchases.

3) Plan in advance

If you truly want to make the most out of Cyber Monday, you’re going to have to create a lot of hype in the build up to the big day. But it’s all about creating the perfect balance. If you start too early then the excitement around your discounts can tail off without any impact. Start promoting your discounts roughly a week before Cyber Monday hits. Post on social media, keep your blog updated and just generally shout about it as much as possible.

Thorough planning is essential to a  successful Cyber Monday, from social media and blogs to parcel delivery.

When it comes to planning, you should also know exactly what discounts you are going to be offering, on which products, and what any of your other promotions will be. Give your buyers a strict set of deadlines and make sure you stick to them. Having a time limit on what you offer will create a sense of urgency around your business, and shoppers won’t be able to resist the exclusivity of a limited-time-only offer.4) Prepare for deliveries

With a day like Cyber Monday on the horizon, a spike in deliveries is part of the package. No matter how many orders you receive, your customers will still be expecting their chosen products to be delivered in a timely manner. One of the first steps online retailers should take in the run up to a busy period like Cyber Monday is to ensure that their new delivery information is clearly stated on the website for all to see.

If you anticipate a delay in orders being shipped out, if you are offering a larger variety of delivery options, or if you decide to include free delivery over a certain amount or free delivery altogether, make your changes visible. Having a specific strategy in place will help you to manage your orders as they start to come in.

Parcel deliveries can pose a problem for online retailers in busy periods, but planning in advance is essential.

Cyber Monday is guaranteed to be a busy day for domestic and international couriers, so efficiency is key if you are to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. A firm favourite amongst many retailers is to offer free two-day shipping on items. Not only can this drive more traffic to your website, it also gives you a little more leeway when it comes to packing up and shipping out people’s orders, whilst also offering a speedy and convenient service.

Parcel delivery can be a huge expense for retailers, especially if you’re under-prepared. In order to ready yourself for Cyber Monday, don’t forget to do a comparison of delivery prices to give yourself the best head start. It’s a win-win situation; you can offer a dedicated courier service to your customers whilst simultaneously saving yourself money in the long run.

5) Plan your returns policy

Every online retailer will know that returns are an unfortunate but necessary part of the transaction. While you may have a standard returns procedure in place for the rest of the year, it might be wise to consider a few additional policies as we approach the busier seasons. Some stores will extend their returns period or offer a more liberal exchange policy following days such as Cyber Monday.

However, before you dive straight into a brand new returns policy, consider your options to discover what is best for your business. Remember that although consumers will appreciate that this is a busy time for retailers, they’re not going to be so understanding that they say; “Oh, don’t worry about me. Just deliver my parcel when you get a chance”. They still expect their goods to be delivered in timely fashion! Also, consider what would make your customers return an order and take steps to try and reduce this. While some returns will be inevitable, measures such as increased customer support, optimising product descriptions and images, and adequate staffing to avoid delays or mistakes are essential.

Make your returns and delivery policies are clearly stated on your website, making things easier for your customers.

So, are you ready?

There is little doubt that Cyber Monday is going to be a huge day for the world of online shopping. With more people than ever expected to make Christmas purchases, retailers should be prepared for a busy few days both before and after the big day. As we’ve outlined above, preparation is key if businesses are to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of traffic that they receive. But more than anything, retailers should focus on maintaining a high level of customer service. Although things may get a little hectic, you want to ensure your customers are happy with how you handle their order. Keep on top of things throughout the day and prioritise shipping out orders on time. A smooth handling of the Cyber Monday rush could keep loyal customers coming back time after time.

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How Will eBay Sellers Benefit From Latest Rule Changes?

Earlier in September, eBay celebrated its 20th birthday by hosting the eBay Seller Summit in San Jose, California. It was here, during the two-day celebrations, that CEO Devin Wenig announced a number of brand new initiatives aimed at sellers and merchants. According to his keynote speech, there are currently 25 million active sellers on eBay, collectively listing 800 million products and catering to 157 million users.

eBay has grown from a website where people can auction off forgotten items for a bit of extra cash to a platform that can launch independent businesses who may otherwise struggle to reach their target audience. This makes it an incredibly important player in the modern world of e-commerce, so we take a look at the changes that were announced, and how they will affect merchants.


Improved rating system


eBay’s rating system allows buyers to leave feedback on a store depending on their experience, based on a number of factors such as the quality of the item and the speed of shipping. Negative feedback results in a deduction from a seller’s 100% rating, and obviously the lower a seller’s score, the less appealing they are to buyers.

The new rules mean that sellers will only be judged on whether the item was delivered late (see below for further details), and two other factors which have been chosen because they measure customer service effectiveness. The first new measurement will examine cases that are opened by buyers and then closed without a resolution from the seller. The second will look at item transactions that have been cancelled by the seller because they were out of stock or if they cannot be fulfilled for another reason.

It is likely that this new announcement will be welcomed by eBay sellers and merchants, as many if not all will rely on the rating system to bring them more customers.

Better delivery feedback


Parcel delivery is a huge part of the eBay buying and selling process, and it plays a major role in how sellers are rated by customers, which of course can affect their future. During the Summit, it was announced that eBay would start measuring shipments, but only based on what the retailers are able to control. Parcel deliveries will now only be considered late under two circumstances.

The first is when the online tracking has shown that an item was delivered after the estimated date, if the buyer has not confirmed that the delivery was made on time or there is no acceptance scan shown in the time frame shown. The second is when the buyer has confirmed that their order arrived after the delivery date estimated, along with no delivery confirmation or acceptance scan.

This particular change should go some way towards easing the pressure that has been felt by many eBay sellers, especially those who are small, just getting started or are independent. Rather than worrying if their rating is going to be in jeopardy as a result of something that is out of their control, sellers can now focus on getting all orders shipped out in a timely fashion and making customer service their top priority.

Retailers continue to improve their parcel delivery services

Fewer penalties


As mentioned, the feedback system in place with eBay is incredibly important. It gives potential buyers something to inform their decision, as well as providing sellers with the incentive to keep pushing for the very best customer service. Under the new rules announced by eBay the rules will be altered so that ratings are not awarded based on circumstances that may be beyond their control. Measures that will be removed starting in Q1 2016 include neutral or negative feedback and low detailed ratings for an item that arrived as described.



Under the current rules, returns that are requested because the item is not as described form part of a seller’s performance standard. As of Q1 2016, this factor will be removed from eBay’s calculations. Sellers who are ranked as Top Rated by eBay will be required to offer a 30-day money-back returns guarantee in order to be awarded eBay’s Top Rate Plus seal and discount.

The new rules will also see eBay offering the seller the choice of not offering returns at all. However, those who do still choose to offer customers a return will see the new changes implemented in May next year.

At the Summit, Devin Wenig said that the new changes should make the system much more efficient for sellers: “It will take the stress, hassle and cost out of the returns process to allow you to serve customers better. We are very clear that it is critical that standards are fair, that you can have control over them and that they are predictable.”

Business person analyzing financial statistics displayed on the tablet screen

Data goldmines


One of the biggest new actions announced at the Summit was eBay’s intention to create a new seller hub solely for use by merchants. This hub would allow for the creation of product performance reports and suggested solutions for improvement based on the analysis of data collected by eBay. The hub will also allow sellers to access their eBay store, if they have one, as well as eBay’s Promotion Manager along with a new advertising platform dubbed Promoted Listings.

According to dedicated e-commerce website Pymnts, during his keynote speech, Devin Wenig said that this move was all about giving sellers more access to data that could help them improve and grow: “It has data on how you’re performing, how your category is doing, where demand in our marketplace is, suggestions on pricing.

“There’s a lot of data sitting in the eBay warehouse, and starting today we are going to open it up to you and allow you to be the greatest inventory management system in the world.”

Access to data such as this could be an incredible help to all merchants using eBay, from larger retailers to more independent sellers who will find a wealth of information at their fingertips. Using this data, sellers will be able to see what is performing best, where traffic is highest, and will allow changes to be made that will optimise sales. Those dedicated to growing further will be able to make changes to their eBay store, for example pricing changes, and then access detailed analytics to discover what is working, and what isn’t, in order to improve further.

Sellers are an incredibly important part of eBay; without them there would be nothing to sell! And this is why it is essential for eBay to take care of those who choose to use it as a platform to market their products, otherwise they will go elsewhere to do it. Measures such as the improved rating system and the new ways that parcel delivery is monitored and recorded have been pushed for by sellers for some time now, which shows they are being listened to. But it is initiatives such as the Seller Hub that show eBay’s commitment to its sellers, as this will allow them to grow and expand, which is great news for everyone involved.

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US Shoppers Set to go Big on Cyber Monday 2015, Research Shows

Shoppers in the US look set to start their Christmas shopping even earlier in the year, according to new research.

A survey conducted by marketing intelligence provider Market Track questioned 1,000 consumers across the United States about their holiday shopping behaviour and found that this year 83% of shoppers plan to complete the majority of their Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday or earlier. 69% of people surveyed stated that they would shop online on Cyber Monday, rather than visiting in-store.

Cyber Monday, coined to encourage people to shop online, is held on the weekend after Thanksgiving and marks a day when retailers slash their prices ready for Christmas.

In 2014, just 11.1% planned to shop online on Thanksgiving, compared to a huge 41% who said they would this year. There was also growth in the number of people planning to visit stores on Thanksgiving; 36% this year compared to 23% last year.

Vice President of Marketing at Market Track, Traci Gregorski, said the increase in numbers was due to more options being available and the convenience of shopping online: “This holiday shopping season, shoppers will have more options to shop where and how they want than ever before and they won’t be forced to fight the crowds in-store during a single day event to get the best deals.

“The gap will close on price differences offered online and in-store, and there will be a move towards retailer messaging that emphasises making things easy for the shopper such as buy online, pick-up in-store, free shipping on out of stock merchandise, and faster delivery for online orders.”

Black Friday has only recently taken off in the UK, with both high street and online retailers cutting prices and holding large sales to entice customers, and Cyber Monday is likely to grow on this side of the Atlantic in the coming years, too.

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, believes the results highlight why retailers need to have a strong parcel delivery plan in place: “With Cyber Monday predicted to be such a huge success this year, it is essential for retailers and delivery companies to start planning in advance for the likelihood of large order numbers. Speedy delivery and low prices are essential to keep customers satisfied, as is keeping customers updated on the possibility of delays.

“Retailers may also experience a spike in the number of people shopping online from overseas, which is why they should have the fastest and most price efficient international delivery services in place. This ensures that they are able to offer the best services to all customers.”

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DPD Group Extends its Parcel Pickup Network in Europe

Parcel delivery firm DPD Group has confirmed that it will be extending its Pickup network across Europe.

Following the expansion, DPD Group will now operate more than 20,000 Pickup points across the continent, adding to the current 2,000 locations offered by DPD in the UK.

Commenting on their new locations, DPD Group stated: “Pickup is one of the densest PUDO (Pick-up and Drop-Off) networks in Europe, boasting over 20,000 Pickup points in 13 countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

“This coverage allows 95% of Europeans to be within 15 minutes of a Pickup point. The Pickup network thus allows DPD Group brands – DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and Interlink Express – to offer a highly effective delivery service to their customers.”

In addition to the new locations, DPD Group has also announced that two Pickup solutions are “currently being tested in France before being rolled out at European level” that aim to boost convenience for customers.

The first solution is a Pickup Store which would be built and equipped to handle more than 100 parcels a day. They would be located in busy areas such as shopping malls, train stations, bus stations and even dry cleaners and grocery stores, meaning that its main strength will lie in its accessibility for users.

The second is a Pickup Station which would be comprised of a network of automatic lockers that can be used for both the picking up and dropping off of parcels. Each station would be able to handle up to 100 parcels per day, and the majority of them would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On the future of the company, DPD Group said in a statement: “The next step of the roll-out will see DPD in Poland open its Pickup points. In addition, DPD in Russia will also extend its current 800 collection points all over Russia to 2,000 points next year, pursuing its strategic goal to become a leading service provider for the B2C segment.”

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, said he was pleased to see an industry-leading parcel delivery company like DPD taking steps to further their network: “The ultimate goal for courier services is to be as convenient and easy-to-use as possible for their customers. By offering widespread parcel collection, DPD are making it more straightforward than ever for people to send and receive parcels, and can continue to offer an impressive service and put their customers first.”

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Retailers overcoming challenges to invest in delivery services

UK retailers continue to invest into the optimisation of their delivery services despite a disappointing dip in online sales growth last month, according to a senior member of the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

The organisation’s Director General, Helen Dickinson, suggested that companies are looking at different ways to offer a “fast and good value” online service to consumers, even though many are facing increasing financial pressures.

BRC figures released this week showed that online sales of non-food goods increased by just 6.5% in August 2015, which represented the slowest rate of growth since April 2013.

Online transactions accounted for 17.2% of total non-food sales last month, which was up from 16.3% in the corresponding period in 2014.

Ms Dickinson explained that the annual growth figures were skewed slightly because there had been a substantial upturn in sales last year, coupled with the fact that the summer bank holiday – a popular time for shoppers – technically fell outside of this month’s coverage.

She added: “Retailers continue to invest to offer a fast and good value online service and are now focusing even more on optimising delivery efficiency.

“For example, they are grouping multiple orders, offering next-day delivery for a limited period or free delivery only above a certain basket size. This is being managed in what remains an extremely competitive environment where margins are under pressure from deflation in shop prices and rising operating costs. Consumers therefore are continuing to get great value.”

Companies know that in order to stand out in the digital age, it’s imperative that they do as much as they can to steal a march on their rivals.

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, believes that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to parcel delivery services, but it’s nevertheless encouraging to see retailers doing their best to meet these needs in spite of tricky trading conditions.

“In many ways, consumers hold all of the aces, as they know that if one retailer won’t offer free delivery on their items, there’s a strong chance that at least one of their rivals will,” he commented.

“As we get busier, people are expecting more from retailers. We want couriers to bring our purchases to us as quickly as possible and at a time and location that is convenient to us. Of course, catering for these demands can eat into a company’s profits, so it’s important that they find a cost-effective solution.”

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